Birthday Nosh

I had my birthday last week and my parents treated me to a yum cha lunch. Whenever I have yum cha, I reflect that this method of noshing is proabably best enjoyed by those better at hitting the ‘stop’ button than I am.

I have been puzzled when I hear people whinge about eating from the steaming¬† baskets and not wanting to wait until the trolley comes their way down the aisle, but that’s cul-cha, folks. It’s different. Frightening, I know. You’d probably best stick to ordering an entire dish from the menu.

My own cultural snobbery aside, I prefer my dim sum to be steamed, I dont usually eat many of the deep fried items, but either way it is possible to fill up on those little parcels of meat and pastry very quickly indeed. I’ve never understood the Chinese food gag,¬† “Yeah, but an hour later you’re hungry.” Maybe that’s for people who don’t overdo it their yum cha.

And no, I’m not a fan of the chicken feet, but that’s probably the only thing on the menu I’ll reject.

Deep-fried Squid Tentacles attack!

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