Customer Loyalty

I don’t usually use this blog to congratulate a business on its loyalty program, so if you don’t want to see me engaged in such an activity then stop reading now. I like my cinema. I have a Luna Palace Privilege Card which I don’t use often enough, but I still think they’re a good idea. You shell out some dosh up front and then you can have cheaper tix in the upcoming year. It Just Makes Sense. Especially, if you’re not always cashed up  – and especially with the cost of a first-run movie ticket in the wide brown land of Oz. I’m talking $17.50 New Australian Quid for an adult with no concessions. That’s somewhere in the vicinity of $15.80 Americain or $11.18 Euro or 1,425.47 Japanese Yen.

About a fortnight ago I get a letter from Luna Palace telling me that I have a double pass –  on them –  if I redeem the offer within two weeks of my birthday ; any film, any session. Woot! I used it to see UP IN THE AIR at the Leederville cinema.  I’ll let you know what I thought in the review section of this blog, later in the week.

Good work Luna Palace! I haven’t been in there for awhile, it acquainted me with the films on offer currently and coming soon and finally made me think of them with a warmly benevolent glow.Please note I don’t have any relationship with them apart from the card and the patronage, I am just giving them props for something we see all too rarely, smart business that leaves the customer feeling, “Yep, I will definitely go back.”

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