Filmmaker of the Century (July 2006)

This comic strip was purpose-built to accompany the calendar that came with the bi-monthly Film and Television Institute News (retitled MONITOR) the member’s magazine of the FTI in Fremantle, Western Australia. We thought we needed to make our serious publication a little more entertaining. So we thought an events calendar with a comic strip was the way to go.

The characters were based on filmie stereoypes that one might find in the world of newbie, no-budget, independent filmmaking. So Peel Inglet, Reece Foti and Leon Cutler were born. Peel is an intense animator, Reece is an indecisive director and Cutler the most sterotyped and therefore least true of all the characters, is a trust fund baby who wants to dabble in filmmaking even though he has nothing to say.

The strip ran for a year between July 2006 and July 2007. Here they are archived for your viewing pleasure. The next five will be uploaded by the end of January 2010.

Filmmaker of the Century is written by Phil Jeng Kane and drawn by Clancie Shorter.

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