Filmmaker of the Century (Oct 2006)

This is the second of these that we printed long ago in a hard copy publication called the FTI News. The material accompanied the events calendar of the Film and Television Institute’s Newsletter in Western Australia. Hence the references to curent-ish films, YouTube and other up-to-the-minute, zeitgeist-y material. There is probably an underlying theme about time passing and the deep existential sadness that we carry with us as remember that all this – our friends, our loved ones, ourselves – will one day be extinguished. We will be taken from them and they will be taken from us. Or maybe I’m over thinking what is only a light name-checking strip about pop culture.

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Text: Phil Jeng Kane | Art: Clancie Shorter

0 thoughts on “Filmmaker of the Century (Oct 2006)

  1. you joke about the colon surgery thing, but actually to prove his edginess a guy in my film year made a short that culminated in his brother shitting onto the camera lens..
    must suck being the film tutor who is legally obliged to watch that, ah, shit.

  2. surprisingly, no. despite this being murdoch the tutor held firmly to the principle of ‘don’t shit on the audience’ (credit only).

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