The 1996 West Australian television series SWEAT returns to ABC 3. Produced by Margot McDonald and EP’d by Paul Barron this 26 part series is probably best known these days as the late Heath Ledger’s first regular TV role. The show is set in world like the Australian Institute of Sport, but for younger athletes. The series hasn’t been repeated for years and we were alerted to its return by its creator John Rapsey.

As Mr Rapsey wrote:

“My series Sweat returns after 9 years ‘on ice’ because of a bankruptcy proceeding. ABC 3 is playing 5 episodes back to back to celebrate its re-release. It features 17 year-old Heath Ledger in his first leading role as the cyclist Snowy Bowles who comes out as gay. It was also a launching pad for WA actors Paul Tassone, Heath Bergersen, Tahnie Merrey, Matt Castelli, among others. Directors include ¬†WA legends Steve Jodrell, Karl Zwicky and Ross Hutchens. The cinematography by Ulli Krafzik is outstanding. Be sure to watch. Send to your friends and tell them to send to theirs! I’m ready for a remake!”

If you want to reacquaint ¬†yourself or perhaps investigate the series for the first time, then tune into ABC 3 on Saturday January 30th at 11.45am for the Sweat-a-thon. If you’re a Facebooker who wants to show your support for SWEAT then go here.

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