Filmmaker of the Century (Feb 2007)

Three years ago, huh?  Remember our hopes and dreams? Remember thinking we could understand LOST? We had so many hopes and dreams. We didn’t have the iPad. Google Buzz didn’t exist. Bert’s Family Feud was still on the telly.  Nobody knew who the Balloon Boy was. Australian digital television was embryonic. TMZ on TV hadn’t yet launched.  Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd still had credibility. That idiot Lord Monckton’s star was on the rise and he hadn’t acheived the ludicrous status he has in the present day. KFC’s Crushers were still on the distant horizon. This website was still in black and white.

So many memories. Memories that will be lost. Lost like tears in rain….

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Text by Phil Jeng Kane | Art by Clancie Shorter

0 thoughts on “Filmmaker of the Century (Feb 2007)

  1. You are of course, correct, Henry. In Oz there were various hosts for this classic show – many people remember Rob Brough. I remember a version from the 1970s involving the effervescent Tony Barber. But as with all of these things “survey says” some people will probably only remember Bert’s version.

    THanks for your comment!

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