RKM #002

Welcome to a second edition of Relentless Killing Machine, my friends, excellent to have you in our patch of Ocean. And in the manner of old school Mad Magazine introductions, I think it’s clear that we can efectively use this written space as a covert means of communications because no-one will ever read these words. SO…what to do? Hmmm…Okay, firstly Rikki Goldsmith of Karratha, Western Australia, I am not a DEXTER fan, but do wish there were some kind of three episode tie-in with the series BROTHERS AND SISTERS that would thin out the cast of the latter show. Also Pete ‘Mother’ Quigley of Canberra, ACT, the answer is Kangaroo curry. Cheers, man.

Text by Phil Jeng Kane | Image by Nadir Raza Khan |RKM 001

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