RKM #003

Hey there, ever tried translating a chunk of Lorem Ipsum? Here’s a paragraph I got from the “Lorem Ipsum generator”: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer neque orci, eleifend eget elementum nec, commodo vitae mi. Vestibulum vulputate sapien et massa ullamcorper tristique. Fusce blandit scelerisque dui non porttitor. Nullam vel nisi in neque faucibus fermentum quis vitae leo. Nullam eget elementum enim. Cras at metus eget enim ultricies aliquam. Suspendisse et facilisis diam. Quisque consectetur tincidunt placerat. Nam non tellus felis. Nullam laoreet odio et diam pretium ut rutrum mauris mattis. Quisque pharetra luctus condimentum. Vivamus volutpat leo in justo iaculis ullamcorper.”

I then did something blindingly obvious and went to a Latin English Translator to help me make sense of Lorem Ipsum and it came up with the this: “Lorem itself pain he is amet consectetur to come up to elit. Whole worthless orci eleifend eget first principle and not , to make fit life mi. Vestibulum vulputate wise and massa ullamcorper to make sad. Fusce blandishments crime dui not porttitor. Nullam or if not upon worthless faucibus fermentum anyone life lion. Nullam eget first principle in fact. Tomorrow but fear eget in fact ultricies some. To suspend and easy diam. Each one consectetur tincidunt to please. For not region lucky. Nullam laoreet to hate and diam price when rutrum mauris mattis. Each one a quiver lamentation condimentum. Vivamus volutpat lion upon equity a thrower ullamcorper.”

So no joy, there. Maybe you’ll have some with our good buddy, RKM.

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