Hot Cross Bunnies

So the choc-troversy continues.

The twitpic below and comment was tweeted to me in the last 24. @felixmeister clearly felt this gigantic chocolate beribbined bunny exceeded all the other Easter rodents.  @felixmeister said  “@mrtrivia this bunny > all the other four.  I could see his point the moment I clicked on the pic. This bunny exuded a massive power, some might say a charisma not usually seen in anthropomorhised animal totems rendered in tasty confectionery.

We continued out conversation I said “@felixmeister while this bunny clearly kicks all the other bunnies choccy butts, he seems just a bit, I dunno, EVIL”  @felixmeister replied,”@mrtrivia and that’s exactly the reason why he’s better!”

@mrtriva this  bunny > all the other four on TwitpicClick to see fullsize in Twitpic

In the comments section of the original post, Edwin claimed, “The Cadbury and Lindt tasted EXACTLY the same. Like they were mixed in the same steel barrel. Both very average.”

In a side comment clearly intended to subvert all of societies paradigms @tobiasampersand tweeted: “OH! Or we could take the bells and ribbons off the Lindt bunnies and put them on the elegant rabbits! #projectmayhem”.

Meanwhile, the poll results continue to top up – and so far Lindt Gold Bunny appears to be crushing the opposition in Easter Poll 1 but in Easter Poll 2 the results have been harder to call. Humpty and Elegant Rabbit the red Tulip stable mates are still neck and neck despite Humpty’s not having the anatomical equivalent of this body part.  There’s still time to make your voice heard before the announcement of the results on Good Friday.

Mr Trivia

Some of the Cadbury Easter Bunnies are not faring too well.

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