Mothering For The Win

A blog buddy and tweep of mine The Not Drowning Mother or @TheNDM for short, runs a very tight weblog called Not Drowning, Mothering. Some might categorise it as a ‘mommy blog’, but these are people for whom The Wire is a mere “television show”, Vegemite is a only a “sandwich spread” and German band Silver Convention is just “1970s Euro Disco”.

Not Drowning Mothering is a full on, swearing, no-holds barred account of – as she puts “one woman, three children, a husband & an unreasonably angry cat.” She can be extremely funny, insightful, chock-full of profanity and moving in the same ‘blog post. It looks like a neat trick, but it’s talent and craft and for those of us who also write we feel envy and joy at seeing another dead-on funny post from @TheNDM.

But don’t just take my word for it Meerkats and Kittens, The Tenth Annual Weblog Awards aka The Bloggies think her blog is speecial, too. Not Drowning, Mothering just beat out some considerable competition to take out the Best Australian or New Zealand Weblog category of 2010. Find the other winners here.

Jump on board and become part of the “I knew her when” crowd. Find out why the Weblog Awards and a growing number of discerning readers rate Not Drowning, Mothering. Find her weblog  here.

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  1. The NDM was my inspiration for starting my blog and she has encouraged me & many other fledgling bloggees & Twittees.

    I am absolutely delighted that she got some formal recognition for this – her Bloggies win is richly deserved.

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