Stormy Weather


Do you get it Perthites? We had a big storm yesterday evening and among the high winds and the flooding it brought giant hailstones, so I said…


The storm was threatening all day, but at one point the more optimistic among us thought it was going to pass by.

I was teaching in Joondalup and it seemed to hit around 3.30pm. We could hear the hailstones pinging off windows and metal roofing panels. Eventually the rain started coming in through the ceiling and dripped on one of the computers so we disconnected it.

My thirty minute trip back home took an hour, which was better than some. On the Kwinana Freeway, the flooding reduced the three lanes to two and even one passable lane, which caused further backing up of traffic.

On the crawl back, my housemate (and also brother) texted me with classic understatement – “Just to forewarn you – we’ve had some flooding.” Every room in the house had copped some damage. But my room had a soaked carpet. We’ve spent the crappier part of the evening using three towels as sops and then spin drying them before throwing them on the floor again. It’s making a difference.

As I write this, my brother is collecting a number of millipedes who have undulated into the house to get away from the deluge. He’s collected 25-30 and all are destined to be thrown back into the garden.

I’ve just spent the last half hour sussing out the witty and erudite friends I have on Facebook and their reaction to the storm. Some have joined one of the several Facebook Perth storm groups that have been invented in the last 12 hours.

I decided to collect my friends various statuses – at least the ones I could find in the newsfeed – and reproduce them below. Because I haven’t anyone’s express permission to do this, I have used their initials instead.


Mr Trivia

Fuckin’ rain and hail, now my near new car looks like a golf ball. Off to the insurance company – this wont be fun. – BT

No work tomorrow!!!!!! Office is completely flooded. Woohoo! – TP

Departed City Beach at 4:30pm. Arrived Palmyra 8:55pm…whew! AJ

I feel like a mushroom. No power, no laptop battery, Nano about to go flat. D’oh! – AH

Wow! Garden devastated, flooded garage and sunroom, goldfish swimming up and down our paving but nothing compared to my neighbours – broken porch roof, shed crushed and back porch roof totalled. – THP

Driving through a hailstorm was like some first act Roland Emmerich shit. So glad I wasn’t Oliver Platt. – TF

Stuck in Armadale, too many fallen trees and no streetlights, plus hungry. Yay for shameless capitalist Maccas with the warmth, free wifi and saturated fat. – KG

Hot chocolate and movies tonight i think is in order – SP

Took 2.5 hours to drive from Maylands to the City and back again!!!!Stupid cars!!! – JN

And the world was plunged into darkness. Is now an appropriate time to read the road? AW

Save yourselves! – LE

Lights out. Power gone. I hate storms – AK

Rain and hail…and it’s still hot. Nice one Australia. – AMcF

Aaaaand the Barina survives any hail/storm damage…and got a free car wash! Hell hardcore for a hatchback. SG

Can’t believe people are *actually* reporting on their facebook status that there is a thunderstorm. I think it’s time for another friend-cull. – SB


Was just out chasing lightening photos and got caught in an epic hail storm, damn they hurt when they miss the umbrella…. Cars got more dimples than a golf ball…. Bring on winter :0D – PC

Ooooo this storm is making me VERY VERY VERY EXCITED! Hallelujah for the rain!! Its about to hit – my over active imagination is thinking of crazy things that could be the end of the world..waiting for the warewolves and vampires to come around the corner!! Looks awesome across the lake on the farm! LOVIN’ IT! Somebody STOP me! RAIN PARTY RAIN PARTY RAIN PARTY! I’m goin dancing in it as soon as it hits! – LL

WOW !! THAT was an experience !!! LOVE a thunderstorm… but this one was a freak of Nature… hope everyone is ok… and your houses came off better than mine did…! : ( – SW

Holy CRAP! That is some hail right there, I think my windows are going to be shattered in a few seconds, not sure it’s wise to be on a computer right now either…I hope everyone is Perth is ok. – JH

Thunder Lightning and Rain – SUMMER IS OVER YAAAAAAAYYYY! – TB

LS – is going to try to go home.

DM is stranded on the bus with a stuck boomgate and the second wave of the storm cracking all around him. Surprisingly relaxed about it, interestingly.

SEE THAT OUTSIDE? I WAS IN THAT. Scary bike rides. – EM

I did a little dance, the sky made a little noise… its rain tonight!!! PA

Insomnia during a blackout. Curse you electrickesy! You make me love you then tear out my heart! – BC

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  1. It’s amazing what some suburbs suffered; yet where I am all it did was rain – very heavily. No hail, though lots of thunder and sheets of rain that made me glad that I was not out and about at around 3:30ish onwards.

    I did, however, get a wet toilet roll as the bathroom window was open. It has now dried, but has dried all wrinkled and I suspect that may cause unpleasent experiences as the day progresses…

  2. Your loss may seem small, but I still see it as significant Steve E. We shall leave no toilet roll behind.

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