A-Choc-Alypse, Now!


I have no apocalyptic chocolate tale to tell. I was merely using a smart-arsey title to leverage interest. Just like the rest of the Internet does.

The results of the  polls are in. And very clear. In the tiny portion  of the population who chose to participate in the Mr Trivia Easter Micropolls ( 1 or 2 click here and here) their vote shows that Lindt Gold Bunny absolutely owned every other choclebrity.

Athough there was passion for Red Tulip’s Humpty and Elegant Rabbit, fans of these split the anti-Lindt vote. If  only you Tulip fans had got behind one candidate, you might have taken out the tasty Swiss Bunny.

Thanks to all those who voted in these scientific polls that are the envy of statisticians everywhere.

Elevate the Insignificant

Mr Trivia

Photograph sourced from Flick’r. It was taken by CPMG , find the photo here .

One thought on “A-Choc-Alypse, Now!

  1. I see you did not offer the new kid in town, Guber – fine German chocolate at $4/100g compared to the Goldie $10/100g – to the voting and eating public of Perth. Guber, the underdog from a country also with fine traditions of chocolate making. Guber, with a pearl instead of a bell on his ribbon. Guber has less of an aristocratic, snubbed-nose appearance than the Lindt bunny and I hope Guber will come into his own in this decade (I watch many last minute shoppers pick Guber up only to return him, obviously uncertain that his quality would stand up against the Saturday’s sold out Gold bunny). Guber is silver, but don’t let that mean second place! I haven’t yet nibbled my Guber but I place all my trust in this little bunny.

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