April Horoscope

See what we did here? We linked the character of April O’Neil from the Teenage Mutant Turtles with the idea of Mr Trivia’s Monthly Horoscope for the month of April, 2010. It’s a pun. A play on words with – in this case – a delightful visual complemet. Nah, we don’t buy it either. We were employing cheapo marketing tactics (as we did with the A-Choc-Alypse, Now! Post). Cal it borrowed interest. Hooking into your childhood love for the Ninja Turtles and exploiting it. By the way, even if you search for images of Ms O’Neil with your Google¬† Safesearch on moderate, you’ll still come across some disturbing images, you sick, monkey-boys.

So, shoot across to my other other blog site and suss out the April Horoscope if you’re in the mood. If not, keep surfin’ the net, bold adventurer.

Mr Trivia

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