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With all this talk of Iron Man 2, I thought now would be a good time to look back at how Marvel realised their superhero characters in the late 1960s. I remember seeing all of these on television as a kid. I think these introductions make it clear that the cartoons that followed weren’t particularly good.

These are nothing like the X-Men Saturday morning cartoons of the 1990s. I was never a comics fan, but years after seeing these and forgetting anything about the stories, I can still remember these introductions vividly. I remember playing Spidey, of course.

Back in the 70s, If you were 8 and under, these crudely animated cartoons were excellent fun. Naturally the technical limitations make these seem hilarious now. (see below). One thing I can say about these animated intros however –  the theme songs are snappy and still very entertaining.

Mr Trivia
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Iron Man

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  1. I remember the Spiderman one, but I’d never seen the Hulk or Iron Man until today, so thank you for the history lesson! I’m definitely curious to see more.

    The Hulk intro is a little confusing though – is he squashing a painting of the tanks? Or are they suggesting he’s strong enough to squash the tanks _and_ the sky above them?

  2. The Spider man theme is a deadset classic which is why people know it still. I share your confusion about the Hulk. And went through the same steps. I do think it’s the latter – although of course that makes no sense whatsoever.

    I didn;t know the Iron Man theme as well. I love its ‘jazzness’ very cool indeed.

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