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Monday. Sick at home and thus unable to educate today’s youth to not say LOL as a word. Not that I can manage this even when I’m there. I discover day-time television is as terrible as night-time television with a couple of subtle differences. Day-time TV is filled with infomercials about buying life insurance without a medical and infomercials for bagless, cyclonic Dyson ripoff vacuum cleaners that can pick up a bowling ball using just suction.  Night-time telly is filled with infomercials about how the whole world is going crazy for Zumba and informercials with scantily clad ladies (some of whom can pick up a bowling ball using just suction) who want you to call them NOW for just $20.00 a minute.

Tuesday. Perth is finally cooling off. I take a picture of a deciduous tree in Joondalup in order to illustrate this point. Because I do that with an iPhone camera, it probably just looks like an ordinary  tree. Believe me though, it was a crisp autumnal moment, the kind one will remember fondly in one’s dotage as the machine beeps and the rubber-wheeled trollies roll silently from ward to ward. 

Wednesday. I teach some animation students about the rising line of action in a film narrative. But totally fail to call it this. Must remember to do go back in time or forward to the next class and do this. Have a great homemade Pho. Or Bun Bo Hue. My Vietnamese is exactly like my Cantonese. Completely non-existent. (And this guy calls himself Eurasian).

Thursday.  I have coffee with a friend at Scuzzi’s on Angelo Street, South Perth. When we lived near there it was our deli. It’s a fave with the Angeloni, Coodos and Ansteyites who want to buy expensive continental ingredients. And now it sells reasonably priced coffee even though the drinking area is a bit of an afterthought.

Friday. Am driving along Canning Highway, Palmyra when I see a sign that says “Dress Sale. 8am-1pm Saturday 15th May. All Dresses under $100.” And I catch myself thinking ‘that’s’s cheap’. Then I remember. ‘You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. You have never purchased a dress in all your life. You are just talking crap right now.” And when you think that. You’d better go blog.


Mr Trivia

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  1. Sigh – never thought I’d miss Perth but right now I do 🙁 i like your weekly blog. thats pretty cool 🙂 and fun to read. Hope you are feeling better…yup daytime tv SO many life insurance ads – makes me paranoid that they know something I don’t…hold on- A zumba ad! in the day!

  2. A Zumba ad during the day…I hope it’s that one where the delivery guy Zumbas in the back of his truck – that’s a higlight.

    Thanks for your comments, I appreciate your support! I hope things are getting better for you…

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