1. yes drugs are bad and all but if it wasn’t for these people abusing them first hand than we non-users wouldn’t know the severity of them. drugs are a valuable experience. the addiction survivors are among the strongest souls on earth.

  2. my continued version lol:baby: hmph, even if i lose, mummy will definitely give me the milk!dad: Don’t think that you’re younger, I will give in and let you have the milk! I love milk too and I’m not giving up!baby: *gets all teary and screams her head off* WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA MUMMYYYYY!!!

  3. It would be cool however, if Google can provide a tool that automatically does this – specially on the blogger platform.As webmasters, there are more and more things that we have to do now aside from creating the site itself and the content. It seems as we progress in technology, that we are getting more and more burdened with additional tasks.

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