Celebrating Conrad Janis

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Hi Zeitgeisters, Conrad Janis is best known the world over for the role of bald, bow-tie wearing, Fred McConnell (Mindy’s father) in the worldwide hit sitcom MORK AND MINDY (1978-82). He has appeared in numerous other television series over the years such as DIAGNOSIS MURDER and FRASIER and is also a well-regarded jazz trombonist (Why […]

Shoes Life

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Hail Zeitgeisters, Sometimes bad shows will throw up good lines. I was watching a new episode of LAS VEGAS on the Free-2-Air. Don’t know why. I have no excuses. Was it some fugitive Cheryl Ladd infatuation left over from my 70s boyhood? Nope. My favourite Charlie’s Angel was Tanya Roberts. Did I think James Caan […]

Poker Playing Dogs

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Hail Zeitgeisters, I have been literally swamped by people asking me what Poker Playing Dogs? since the last post.Okay, no one has asked me about them at all.But in case you were thinking about asking, here’s the deal. The Poker Playing Dogs, as we usually think of them, were apparently painted as calendar art by […]

Stone Cold Art

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Hail Zeitgeisters, Cast your mind back to the last time you read Quotations from Chairman Mao Tsetung (the so-called “Little Red Book”). Mao wrote the following: “The socialist system will eventually replace the capitalist system; this is an objective law independent of man’s will. However much the reactionaries try to hold back the wheel of […]

Hail to Thee

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Just flying through, Zeitgeisters, on my way to empty out my storage locker down at the Koala Facility in O’Connor. (Will I get my $90 Australian back?). The locker is empty, the only thing of mine down there, is the padlock I bought to keep people from wandering inside to check out the dusty concrete […]