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  1. Mr Jeng Kane!!! Why is there no subscription button on your blog page??????? How am I supposed to follow your erudite observations otherwise (especially since I am on WordPress too…)
    How are you anyway?


  2. Gidday!
    Grayson Hugh appeared Saturday, 04/06/2012 performing at The Kate The Katharine Hepburn Theater in Saybrook, CT. I’m curious! Would you like to hear some of his new stuff? Drop me a line,..and let’s talk. Maybe,..there is a calling to have Grayson & Polly in the “Outback!” (He loves climbing big hills mate), check us out on I’ll await your direct contact. Cordially, JSC

  3. Phil,
    I remember a Western Australian version of the colour coded SRA reading laboratory which was produced sometime between the 60’s and 80’s. It had the term “”Western Australian” in its title and I think ( not sure) it was referred to by the acronym “WARD—which stood for ” West Australian Reading D——-“.I can’t remember what the ” D” in the title stood for.
    I remember the texts associated with each were an excellent resource.
    Can you remember what its true title was and who published it. Please respond on if you can help.
    Brian Cambourne

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