State of Excitement!

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The W.A. flag. That’s a black swan, folks. Zeitgeisters, we Western Australians are supposed to celebrate something called Foundation Day on June the 1st. However this is the kind of thing that you can’t get an entire community behind anymore. Politics, see. So because Mr Trivia’s Tract is about uniting all the people of the […]

C Minus, Big Brother

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Yes Zeitgeisters, I’m watching Big Brother 2006 – and if you don’t like it, you can sit out this blog entry. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em. Just a quick recap – it’s day 37, the housemates have whittled the million bucks in prize money down to $490,000. Last night Michael was evicted. And for […]

Thank You, World!

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Friends, Zeitgeisters, Like many another blogger, I regularly check me stats thanks to the good people at Site Meter. A few minutes ago I obsessively clicked through the various pie graphs to discover that this blog is overwhelmingly read by Australians at 49%, followed by the United States at 21% and the UK at 7%. […]

Dancing with Gorbachev News

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The Gorbs rip the crowd a new one at the Hellenic Club!   Hey Zeitgeisters, As you know, my band Dancing with Gorbachev (DWG) has had some teething problems over the last three months, so I am pleased to announce that our new line-up is really starting to smoke. Just to introduce or possibly re-introduce […]

Science Fiction has Betrayed Us

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Zeitgeisters, it’s 2006 already and still no sign of the rich bounty we were promised by the science fiction movies and television of yesteryear. These fanciful magic lantern shows were of course inspired by the Golden Age of written science fiction (approx.1938-1950). Did we not envision this particular era we are suffering through now as […]

Drive-Thru Radio

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When I work late I will occasionally head home along Canning Highway and grab a burger from the drive-thru at Hungry Jack’s. For our international readers, Hungry Jack’s is the Australian version of Burger King. In fact we have both Burger King and Hungry Jack’s here in the Wide, Brown Land. It’s an odd situation; […]

Time is of the Essence

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Howdy Zeitgeisters, Time is a Construct. Try saying that to your Boss when you’re 35 minutes late for the weekly one-hour staff meeting. This sort of University-style postulation only goes over if you’re working in a Secret Government Research Facility trying to replicate “The Philadelphia Experiment”. And if you think, “Crappy 1980s sci-fi film starring […]

Damn Fine Coffee

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Hello Zeitgeisters, If you’re an urban poseur like me, then you spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about, searching for and drinking coffee. You might even be a café habitué with your own dark corner of a local coffee house. Here in the glittering berg of Perth, Western Australia, we are blessed with some […]

Fashion Tip for the Miserly

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Hey Fashion-Geisters About two years ago I bought a pair of runners, joggers, sandshoes, plimsolls – what have you – from Spendless Shoes. The cognoscenti among you will recognise this as an excellent Australian business whose mission – cheap shoes for riffraff like myself – is not to be sneered at. I’m old school, see. […]