Celebrating Mike Goldman

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Hail Zeitgeisters, I am about to speak to youse about “Big Brother 2006”. Otherwise referred to as BB06. And yes, I refer to the Channel 10 reality show. If you are one of those who reacts reflexively and negatively to the mere mention of this program, then turn away NOW! As a Night Owl (read […]

Mikhail’s Gravy

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Zdravstvuite, Zeitgeisters! Years ago, I watched a documentary on the band REM. Their method for coming up with album names involved pinning up a list in the studio while they worked on that album and band members would add names to the list as the mood took them. If memory serves, Michael Stipe said two […]

To Be Continued News

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Hi Zeitgeisters, For those of you who want to know what’s happening with my band “To Be Continued” here’s a couple of nuggets of new info. Firstly, we are thinking of changing our name again. At the moment, “Dancing with Gorbachev “ is the front runner. Secondly, here’s a photograph of us in front of […]

Celebrating Geoff Jansz

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Howdy Zeitgeisiters, It has taken me some time to slip out of the “cranky pants” as one of my co-workers calls them. I wore them proudly after my last blog entry. And the crankiness continued this evening. I don’t usually watch Better Freakin’ Homes and Gardens on the Seven Network, but if I do, it’s […]

Blame the Screwdriver

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WARNING: The following blog is the sort of thing you write when you are very annoyed and very self-righteous. Those of you who prefer Mr Trivia’s more upbeat persona should look away now.   Hi Zeigeisters, Long time readers of this fledgling blog, may recall that I said I would get back to you with […]

Celebrating Perfect Strangers

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Hi Zeitgeisters, From 1986 to 1993 the whole planet rocked with laughter as it enjoyed the mirth-filled antics of Balki Bartokomous (Bronson Pinchot) and Cozzin (Cousin) Larry in 150 derivative, yet formulaic episodes of the sitcom Perfect Strangers. Balki, a “sheepherder” travels all the way from the Mediterranean island of Mipos, in order to live […]


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G’day Zeitgeisters, When I get to work in the morning, I check my email and my voicemail. Adorably my voicemail usually has one or two hangups (as do we all). Those of you who feel a little nervous about speaking to my voicemail – you need to get over it – I don’t know who […]

And You’re Back in the Room

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Hi Zeitgeisters, I am a lazy person. How lazy are you Mr Trivia? I can’t be bothered buying furniture, whitegoods, cutlery or crockery so I rent a furnished and fitted apartment in South Perth. Okay, not a snappy punchline. Not even funny, but it’s true. I had to move to my present address because my last […]