Film Review: Passengers (2016)

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It is the future. Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), a passenger on the spaceship Avalon, wakes up from his sleep pod. The ship is on a 120 year journey to a colonisation planet called Homestead 2. The Avalon is a state-of-the-art sleep ship with 5000 passengers in a state of suspended animation. Jim’s pod has malfunctioned […]

Film Review: Why Him? (2016)

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Ned and Barb Fleming, and their 15-year-old-son Scott visit their eldest child, 22-year-old Stephanie in California, where she goes to college. The family live in Grand Rapids, Michigan where Ned runs a printing business. The Flemings expect to spend some family time with their daughter for Christmas, but from the moment they land, plans change. […]

Film Review: The Boss (2016)

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THE BOSS is the latest Melissa McCarthy vehicle. She plays Michelle Darnell, a powerful mogul who markets the attainment of wealth with a glitzy Tony Robbins style seminar. These are arena-sized events for ordinary folks who want to make it big like their idol.  Michelle’s public persona is not subtle. She is a success-driven, A-type […]

Film Review: Grimsby (2016)

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2016/UK/82minutes What do we expect of comedians? To make us laugh, obviously. To make us think? Sometimes. George Carlin moved from being a slick nightclub style comedian in his early days to a more anti-establishment voice. Sometimes comedians move the other way, they become more about the laughs and less about a clever take on […]

Film Review: The Monuments Men

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(2014) USA, 118 minutes DIRECTOR: George Clooney  CAST: George Clooney, Matt Damon, Cate Blanchett, John Goodman, Bob Balaban, Hugh Bonneville, Bill Murray, Jean Dujardin |RATING: 2.5/5 It is 1943 and although the Second World War is far from over, there are men like art expert Frank Stokes (Clooney) who are concerned that the art treasures of Europe are in danger […]

Film Review: Dallas Buyers Club

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(2013) USA, 117 minutes DIRECTOR: Jean-Marc Vallée | CAST: Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto| RATING: 2.5/5 Ron Woodruff is an electrician and rodeo cowboy in 1985 Dallas. He is a hard-living character who suddenly finds himself unable to burn the candle at both ends. He is diagnosed with AIDS and is given 30 days to put his […]

Film Review: Glitter

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(2001) USA, 105 mins  DIRECTOR: Vondie Curtis-Hall | CAST: Mariah Carey, Max Beesley, Da Brat, Tia Texada, Valarie Pettiford, Ann Magnuson, Terrence Dashon Howard, Dorian Harewood | RATING 2.5/5 Billie, a young girl with an alcoholic mother and an absent father is sent to an orphanage when her mother is no longer capable of looking after her. Billie overcomes this difficult […]

Film Review: Sex and the City 2

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(2010), USA, 146 mins DIRECTOR: Michael Patrick King | CAST: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Chris Noth | RATING: 2.5/5 Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are back in the least anticipated blockbuster sequel of 2010. This time the ladies are struggling with married life, child care and a lack of opulence in post Global Financial Crisis […]

Film Review: Please Give

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(2010) USA, 90 mins Director: Nicole Holofcener | Cast: Catherine Keener, Oliver Platt, Rebecca Hall, Amanda Peet, Ann Guilbert, Sarah Steele |Rating: 2.5/5 In New York City, a husband and wife butt heads with the granddaughters of the elderly woman who lives in an apartment the couple owns. This is PLEASE GIVE’s official synopsis, which one […]