Web Two Point, Oh!


We here at mrtrivia.net are not overly web-savvy. So when I wanted to work out how to embed a YouTube video in my WordPress site, I read through the various instructions they provided with very little comprehension. As page after page of incomprehensible info crawled by, I experienced a sinking heart and my eyes became teary, then glazed; more or less the exact sensation I used to have whilst studying trigonometry in High School.

Finally I turned to Google and typed in “embed youtube wordpress”. Yes, in my desperation I had begun to type like a character from Lee Falk’s THE PHANTOM ( I refer particularly to the Sunday newspaper edition of the 1980s, fanboys). But I got results – on page 1 there was a link to the video below.

A video to help me understand how to embed a video? No way! But it worked like a charm. Monkey see, monkey do.

WordPress (grrrrr). Jack Humphrey and Internet – kudos!

Mr Trivia

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