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This site and the associated blog are retro shrines. I believe that Pop Culture is more worthy of comment when it’s sat and matured at the back of that fridge that we like to refer to as Zeitgeist.

Yep, Zeitgeist as a refrigerator. You heard that tortured literary device right here.

However, today I’m trying something a little different – we begin with the premise that nothing is so out of date or seems so sad, lame, irrelevant and uncool as when it is eight to ten years past its conception. In Pop Cultural terms anything this far past its use-by date is approximately halfway to becoming admired once again.

What that style, fashion, film, song or fad requires in order to regain some of its original lustre, is for hipsters to initiate the rescue process. People who will begin talking it up and blogging on the subject. Hipsters like you.

To this end I have chosen Finland’s Bomfunk MCs and in particular the song Freestyler. You remember it. If not, check it below. According to the entry in the burning heart of knowledge that is the Wikipedia;

“As of 2007, nothing is known of the current situation of the band, or if the band is indeed still active or not. Many of the band’s collaborators have dedicated themselves to other (musical) projects or activities or faded into obscurity.”

There is no better time, people. Now is the hour to resurrect the Bomfunks. I have put this out to a friend on Facebook and he replied quite poignantly, “I hear what you’re saying man – they aren’t even old enough to attract ironic veneration a-la Vanilla Ice. I will join your quest…”

You, too can become a culture jammin’ soldier in our Army of Retro. Help us bring back Freestyler by Bomfunk MCs.

Join Our Quest.

Mr Trivia

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  1. Freestyler iswas 1 of my fave all time scratchie boy squeaks. I canne rember a band so itchy. I gets goose pimples jest thinking of how itchy and scratchy this icky-bo boyband iswas. Issit? Wherz da freestyler when all we got is hurricanes and bigblows?

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