The Remake


Remember how great the US adaptation of Man Behaving Badly (It A Man’s World) was? How Coupling US was even funnier than the original Coupling? And what about the laughs we had with the US and Australian attempts to re-invent The Kumars at Number 42?

No? Because none of these translations, adaptations or remakes worked. Comedy is often very culturally specific and the reworking of this context can kill the laughs stone dead. But sometimes the remake is very sucessful. Steptoe and Son (UK) became Sanford and Son (US), Til’ Death Do Us Part (UK) Became All in the Family (US) and more recently The Office (UK) morphed into The Office (US). It really works and there are back-slaps, Emmys and the producers’ kids get to go to a really excellent school.

My co-worker (alias Veronica Lodge) sent me the trailer for the NBC adaptation of Australian sit com Kath and Kim. Here’s the American take on the Australian mother-daughter duo. Molly Shannon plays Kath and Selma Blair plays Kim.

Let’s see how well it does…

Mr Trivia

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