Forward To the Past

Hi Zeitierinos,

Back in 1976 – thanks to Filmation Productions, Ark 2 was about the coolest show there was for kids. As this YouTube vid shows, the world was destroyed by a catastrophic war but an intrepid team of scientists, lead by Jonah – a man with a golden head of hair and a beard that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the rock band Chicago – ventured out into the blasted and twisted world in order to make things right again.

The crew of the Ark 2 had reason, enlightenment, scientific method, a super cool RV. jet packs and a talking Chimp with which to light the (metaphorical) dark. The Chimp didn’t actually light or nuthin’. Although it is better to light a chimp than to curse the dark.

Enjoy this opener. It was far better than the show.

Elevate the Insignificant,
Mr Trivia

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